About Heritage Craft

I am often asked about Heritagecraft and how did I end up doing what I do.

Many years ago having reached one of life’s big birthdays I decided whilst I enjoyed my job running an Entertainment Technology company. It was a young mans life, and so looked around for a way out. I come from a craft background with Carpenters, Joiners, Wood Carvers and Cabinet Makers in the family all of whom welcomed a young lad to their workshops. So its fair to say I knew the basics of working with wood, I had also spent 10 years as a hobby wood turner.

I had always been captivated by horse drawn carriages, liked working with wood and so in one of those middle of the night decisions set in place a scheme to become a wheelwright, a manufacturer of Carriage wheels. This would then enable me to the  build carriages which was my eventual aim.

I rapidly discovered was whilst I had the wheel making skills, honed by a period of study in America. I was still going to struggle to reach my goal. There was a complete lack of supporting trades, blacksmiths who could do carriage work, harness makers, carriage upholsterers. So whilst I could manage the woodwork I still couldnt make a carriage.

Undaunted I set out to learn as many of these allied skills as I could. I attended   blacksmithing courses, harness making course’s, traditional Upholstery courses, and so the list goes on.

20 years later this is now my full time occupation, and  I have aquired a unique set of traditional craft skills, together with some moderns ones as well.

Several years ago I started filming some of my projects, and posting them on my Youtube Channel Heritagecraft . This has become an important focus of my work and is supported by some project books, with more on the way.

In the gallery you will see a few examples of my work, there are also links for my Books and Videos

Enjoy the rest of my site I there if you have any questions or projects you would like to discuss I look forward to hearing from you.