Some examples of my recent work 

During Lockdown I tried Signwriting and decorative painting
A restored miniature carriage, with new wheels and wooden sub frame
Some of my very early wheels including a 2mt wheel
A Coster Mongers Cart built from scratch and painted in the decorative style
A miniature cart
An 1890 landau restored with new wheels and replacement upholstery
Hobby Horse wheels for an early (1819) bicycle
A wagonette in for restoration. 3 new wheels and bodywork repairs.
A restored Original “Tappy” market cart from Lambeth Walk new wheels, top, and paint work
A New wooden wheel with carving
A decorative wooden wheelbarrow
An original Market Porters Cart from Spitalfields, new wheels, restored body, and paintwork
My ever popular Rocking Garden Bench
A Shaker style rocking chair with a rush cord seat. Built from scratch
My most popular video is How to make a Hot Tub. shown here is the Hot Tub and Water Heater in my garden, and voted by my family the best thing I have ever made
Years ago I went on a Harness making course. I dont make very much harness, but I do make a variety of leather bags and bits
Holsters for garden tools
A set of weekend luggage for my dearly beloved
A dockside cabin at Canary Wharf for the Floating Hot Tubs – its a real thing check them out – skuna boats