Games & Past times


10 Pin Bowling at Canary Wharf

Over the years I have been asked to make all manner of traditional games and pastimes.

Circus Mirrors:  Fairground Mirrors are always popular available as free standing or wall mounting, I have a standard size & frame colour  but that can always be changed to suit you.

Skittles:  Skittles and 10 bin bowling lanes. Ideal for pub gardens, shopping centres. Low tech traditional family entertainment. Always pulls a crowd

Coconut Shy:  I supply the stakes and the balls, you supply the coconuts. As any showman will tell you its an old favourite with a steady income. To order a set click here

Wooden Stocks:  When I was first asked for these the design specification was for a sturdy adult size set of stocks, that would keep a head teacher standing up at a school fete, but could then be disassembled for storage. There is a standard size set you can order click here  however I am always delighted to customise anything

If you have something in mind you would like me to make do get in touch email

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