Hot Tubs

How to build a Cedar Wood Hot tub has proved to be my most popular video with over 400,000 views to date, and the book available from fitzrobbie has been reprinted several times. I have been asked to make several Hot Tubs and Garden Baths as a result. However it all comes down to price. I build mine from Western Red Cedar which is an expensive raw material, the online sellers use larch or other cheap woods. In principle they both hold water, and there made of wood so they must do the same job. Alas its not the case.

Cedar is ideally suited for the purpose, its as close as you will get to a waterproof wood and will last for many years, long after a larch one has rotted away. If you treat the outside once a year with linseed Oil you should get about 20 years maybe longer from a cedar tub whereas a larch one will probably get out of the guarantee period.  There is a reason that cedar is the wood of choice, rather than the wood of accountants.

I have had my tub for over 4 years The wood continues to breath with the water, with an added bonus that it still imparts cedar oils into the water which not only gives an incredible aroma, it also softens your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Things to consider:

The ideal size is approx. 1.5mts across and 1mt deep, if your considering one do bear in mind access – can you get it in, and most importantly weight, that much water weights approx. 1000kg plus the weight of the people, best not put one on a balcony without checking first.

If you would like me to make one for you then get in touch