Illuminated Makeup Mirrors

Illuminated Makeup Mirrors

Over the last 35 years in the entertainment Industry I have built hundreds of illuminated Makeup Mirrors. You will frequently see my mirrors on TV and in Films and adverts.  If you would like to have one made do get in touch

Black Dressing Room Mirror
The Copper Pipe Mirror

I have made mirrors in a variety of sizes up too 1.2mts wide, and 2mts high. Wall mounted, Free standing , or even on a wheeled steel frame. Most go Professional Makeup Artists, or TV / Film companies. Most major broadcasters have brought some, as have a number of Makeup Schools.

A circular Illuminated frame especially made for a watch advert
The Urban Mirror

There is no such thing as a standard finish, they can be supplied in plain wood, with a coloured finish, a fabric finish ( see the leopard skin one below), I even did one covered in fabric to match the curtains.

The landscape mirror with lamp holders mounted through the glass. Unicorn not included
A very pink mirror
Full length traditional Mirrors

Probably the most unusual was the no mirror mirror. Made for a film customer who wanted to create a shot so that it appeared to be looking from the mirror

Super Wide Wheeled Mirrors


The Leopard Skin Mirror, I made the first one as a special order, and once customers saw the photo everyone wants one