Market Carts

An original “Tappey Cart” which we have restored

Market Carts come in all shapes and sizes and we have become known for the restoration of old carts and the creation of new ones making use of our traditional skills and techniques.

The Most popular is the Four Wheel Market Barrow or stall as shown above. Historically these would be hired by the day from a local firm, they were burnt and broken up in their hundreds in the 1980s and 90s, when these firms and markets declined, but now have a renaissance in popularity and are once more back in demand.

We can restore old examples and also build new ones. As wheelwrights we can repair the wheels, the tops, and paint in either the traditional green and red or something perhaps slightly more decorative.

A Traditional Coster Mongers Cart with Solid Rubber Tyres

The Picture above shows one of our Modern Coster Mongers Carts, with wooden wheels, but the wheels have been fitted with Solid Rubber Tyres. Historically they would have been plain steel tyres but modern shopping centres want to protect their floors and so we can fit solid rubber tyres. We can also fit these tyres to old wheels. Just Ask

An Original Coster Mongers Cart before Restoration
The same cart, with new wheels, a few replacement bits of wood and some paint .
A modern cart with Victorian Wheels
close up of the Gilded Silver leaf scollops and hand pin striping.

The Blue cart came to us as a pair of Victorian wheels and an axle. The Wheels were rotten, and so were rebuilt, retaining the original hub. Everything else is new including the springs. All made in our workshop. The body has been coach painted which is an old technique involving lots of coats of paint ( about 12 coats) and hand pinstriped. The Scollops have been gilded with (in this case artificial) silver leaf to create an understated elegant market cart. Which at the time of writing is looking for a good home.

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