Heritage Craft Project Books

I publish project books to support my videos these are all available from  Fitzrobbie

How to build a hot Tub & water heater

The first Book is How to make a Hot Tub & Water heater

This takes you through a step by step process on how to make a Cedar Wood Hot Tub together with a Wood Fired Water Heater. It explains the design criteria so you can customise the design to suit your own requirements. Full plans and humour included.

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Bread Hot from the Oven

The second Book is how to Build a Wood Fired Bread Oven

Available Here

Not to be confused with a pizza oven, having said that it does cook very good pizza, this is a traditional Bread oven with a proofing oven to one side. Having had it for a few years and now mastered temperature control this becomes my oven of choice for cooking, even Christmas dinner one year, but then Turkey cooked in a Hot smoker is such a treat, but that’s the next book.

Book 3

My First Food Smoker

How to Build Food Smokers and Dehydrators.

As the title suggests this book gives you the plans and build information you need to construct a variety of Food Smokers as well as a combined Smoker / Dehydrator. Along with the plans you get recipe’s including smoked salmon. So whether you want a classic Cold Smoker, a Hot Smoker, or a dehydrator this is the book for you.

Available here

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